Recommended Printers for DIY E-Juice labels

If you are looking for quality labels that can be used for bottle packaging. Similar to that of wine/whiskey labels or high end cosmetic labels. There are many types of printers to choose from, but first its important to understand the different type of print technology available for your labels.

Inkjet vs Thermal

Thermal labels are generally printed in black color and uses either ribbon or heat to apply the label designs on to the material. This is really common for UPS Shipping labels, receipt paper and casino cash vultures. The benefit of thermal printing is that the print cost is cheaper than inkjet cosy, but are more prone to smudging and fading after ling use.

Inkjet printers are usually used for product label production since it doesn’t have as many color restrictions compared to thermal printing. The color output is significantly more vibrant and attractive making it the primary choice for many manufactures for their label print.

3rd Party Printing vs In-House Printing

If you already have an inkjet sheet printer and don’t require a lot of labels, your best option would be to purchase sheet labels in bulk from Amazon or office depot and hand apply them to your product. This is a great option if you are creating low quantities or samples to test the market with your e-juice.

As your business begins to grow and you look at label printers available on the market, be sure to narrow down the features you need for your labeling needs. A built-in label cutter would make it flexible for your products to be compatible with different label types. Printing labels on label sheets and hand applying can only go so far until your hand cramps and is more prone to error.

Inkjet Ink technology

Printers with separate ink cartridges compared to tri-color ink cartridges are cheaper, as replacements won’t be needed as often. For print projects with one primary color, separate ink cartridges are preferred since the only that color is being used.

It’s also important to note the type of label size and restrictions that work with each printer. Some printers only work with smaller cores, while some work with larger cores. Some printers are only compatible with certain types of labels because of the print technology. It’s important to understand the type of label for your E-juice

In this post, we will go over some of the best entry level printers from each brand.

Primera LX500

The difference between the LX500 and LX500c is the built in label cutter

This best selling printer is one of the cheapest printers on the market. The low price points make it affordable for many small productions to make the jump to inkjet label printers.

The LX500 uses a tri-color ink cartridge, which means the ink cartridge needs to be replaced if any of the colors run out. Not very ideal if your labels are high coverage with primary color inks.

The Primera LX500 uses labels on a 2 Inch core with a maximum diameter of 5 Inches. Any label rolls larger than that won’t fit into the printer and the cover won’t close. A lot of small businesses prefer to get the volume pricing on large label rolls only to discover that they don’t fit in their printer.

Price$1125 USD
Print Speed2 Inches Per Second
Print WidthUp to 4.25 Inches
Ink CostsStarting at $54.95

Epson TM-C3500

The TM-C3500 has the lowest ink cost compared to the other two printers

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 is a great entry level printer for many different use cases. It prints pigment ink making it great for Paper Matte labels, Paper Gloss labels and Matte Polyester Labels.

One great thing about the, Epson ColorWorks C3500 printer is that it uses separate ink cartridges for each color. If your primary design is majority one color (like blue for example), the ink saving alone makes it worth it.

The built in cutter for this machine makes it easy to use with continuous labels. Instead of ordering a few rolls of a specific size, you’re able to cut on demand and maximize the usage of the label rolls leaving behind no overstock.

The TM-C3500 accepts labels up to 4 inches in outer diameter. There are no core holders in the printer, so there are no restrictions for label core.

Price$1850 USD
Print Speed4 Inches Per Second
Print Width4.1″ Print Width
Ink CostsStarts at $19.50 USD

Afinia L301

The L301 produces the highest quality images com

The Afinia L301 is a high resolution printer that prints high quality labels. It prints the best quality out of the three reviewed. It is also able to print up to 6 inches wide making it ideal for large color labels.

The Afinia L301 color label printer utilizes two separate ink cartridges (tricolor and a black pigment ink cartridge) to produce vivid colors. Using a two-cartridge system reduces your ink price per tag when compared to one tri-color ink cartridge.

One con about this printer is that, it prints significantly slower compared to the other two printers. The quality is outstanding but the trade-of of print speed may hold back your projects.

Price$1595 USD
Print Speed1.8 Inches Per Second
Print Width6″ Print Width
Ink CostsStarting at $49.95


It’s important to have all the correct decisions before making the investment in a inkjet color label printer. The LX500 is a popular entry level printer that has an attractive entry price point. The TM-C3500 is a very scalable printer that prints a large quantity of labels at a good price. The L301 is great for printing high quality labels that need to stand out from the competition.

Primera LX500X
Epson TM-C3500X
Afina L301X