Primera LX2000 vs Epson ColorWorks C7500

After researching color label printers, you may ask yourself: “What are the differences between the C7500 along with the LX2000?”

Frankly, this query is coming from individuals who do not want to invest the $8500 or more on the C7500; nevertheless, want excellent print quality. The LX2000 is a lot less costly and can print up to 8″ wide labels. In this informative article, I will explain my view of the 10 most considerable differences between both of these color label printers.

Now the 7 most significant differences between the Primera LX2000 and the Epson ColorWorks C7500:

Print Quality

Having a maximum print resolution of 4800 DPI the LX2000 may print great looking labels. At the highest settings, you can create great looking labels. However, with 1200 x 600 resolution so can the C7500.

Ink Price

label design example

The ink cost from the LX2000 is a lot higher; but not as much as I anticipated with this artwork at regular settings. Utilizing this label art, the LX2000 ink cost is estimated at $0.069/label versus $0.049/label for its C7500. These estimates are in regular settings. To get a higher print quality, many businesses would be forced to run the LX2000 at a higher print quality setting. Moreover, so, I think in reality the ink cost gap would be a lot greater.

Yield per cartridge

The LX2000 ink cartridge is much more compact than the C7500. Thus, yields are much lower. From the preceding example, you’d get 1094 labels/LX2000 Cyan cartridge and 9,085/C7500 cartridge. Nearly 9X more. Magenta and yellow are about precisely the same difference. Black is only 2X since the black cartridge is more abundant in the LX2000.


The LX2000 uses consumable printheads. You’ll want to invest $250+ for a printhead sometimes when printing large volumes.


The LX2000 is quite slow when compared with the C7500. Overall it took about 5 minutes to publish 10 labels for the ink calculation at the normal setting. In the high print quality setting, the rate would be much slower.


The Epson ColorWorks C7500 provides an Integrated rewinder, while the Primera LX2000 does not.

Label Roll

The Primera LX2000 includes a max OD of 6″. The Epson TM-C7500 includes a max OD of 8″. Larger rolls imply fewer changes and lower label costs.