Labels for E-Liquid

Printing e-Liquid labels in-house require purchasing a label printer, blank label stock, and replacement ink. Choosing a label printer is hard enough as it is; however, one factor that is overlooked is ink cost. Whether you’re looking at purchasing a label printer from Primera Technology, Epson, Afinia Label, or any other manufacturer, you would be smart to take a look at ink expenses. Where one label printer could be cheap to buy, it could be cost-prohibitive to operate.

Sample E-Liquid Label Price Scenarios

In the below sample labels is an example; It is a 3 x 2″ sized label acceptable for small bottles.

For all the sample labels, we have calculated the per label print price when printing them on after color label printers:

E-liquid Label
Primera LX500 Primera LX900 Primera LX2000 Epson TM-C3500Epson TM-C7500
Cost Per Label$0.12
Print ResolutionBest QualityBest QualityNormal 1200 DPI 1200 DPI

As you can see, there’s more to the story than purchase price — your per label prices vary dramatically in terms of ink consumption. Take the per label costs in the tables above and multiply them with the number of e-juice labels you print each month to estimate your actual costs each month when using each of the label printers tested.

You will also want to factor in print speeds, especially if you run a high volume manufacturing facility. Having a faster printer or higher-capacity printer can further slash your labeling costs.

Get the entire story before making a purchasing decision by calculating the ink cost of the label printers you are contemplating.