What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Pitney Bowes Printers and Toner Products?

Of course Pitney Bowes is an excellent printer with unique qualities. It is the official mail room printer for big systems such as the post office.

What is most special about Pitney Bowes is that it has red ink. This red ink not only is mandatory for official envelopes and official documents, but it also doubles as a defense mechanism. The security on Pitney Bowes is high enough where if the machine is tampered with, it will spray red ink all over everything. That sounds appealing if you happen to be printing things like checks, or private documents and contracts. This is of course an advantage for a company that often involves prints like these.

The brand is world famous for precision postage meter and printing equipment. They also pioneered envelope and label printers. The company actually fabricates a line of professional document printers for your business. The printers blow the competition away with full color printing. A lot of their printers can work at speeds starting around 120 pages per minute. That is a speed most printer manufacturers only dream of.

Printing full advertisements on envelopes is possible for mass distribution with a printer like Pitney Bowes. They have such advanced technology that they have developed a printer system that will not melt the glue on your envelopes. This is great because you can print before filling envelopes which will save a lot of time and space.

This is a large company that manufactures massive printers. The models are efficient and work unbelievably well but the bigger ones are just more for wide open offices with major output demands. There are however, smaller models for the home office and smaller offices. Pitney Bowes doesn’t leave anyone out when it comes to being involved in product that delivers and impresses with their massive output ability and vivid and bold quality of print work.

The DP 40S color printer is a new design that has a color laser printing system. You can manage the production of your prints easily. The quick and cost-effective machine is one of their models that will not fuse the envelopes or melt the windows on the promotional materials you might be printing. It makes sure to stay at a temperature that will keep documents looking fresh and clean. Pre-printed materials will not be smeared no matter how long the printer has been working.

Pitney Bowes is a company that focuses on giving you a high monthly duty cycle at a low cost.