Using Cable Markers For Voice And Data Installations

Cable markers are an essential tool for both DIY voice and data projects or contract jobs for a major company. Modern cable marking devices have the ability to print letters, numbers, and barcodes for projects involving bundling, installation, and inventory. There are several advantages to using cable markers for a voice or data project:

  • Markers differentiate between of voice and data cable wiring and wall jacks. This enables easy identification as well as separating voice and data cables from other wires.
  • Labels can be produced at the office or project site instead of waiting for an outside vendor to print and ship your order. Projects can stay on time and budgets can be kept intact with easy, in-house marking.
  • Customized markers meet specific needs instead of using generic pre-printed markers. Printing labels is a time-saver, reducing the need to apply several individual numbers or letters for each maker in the cable wiring.
  • Some high quality devices combine labeling and application functions into one tool for quick and convenient use. Print times are as little as 5 seconds with the latest in cable marking technology.
  • Many labels are self-laminating to protect from dirt, abrasions, and other elements. Concerns over legibility and durability are washed away with contemporary cable markers

With a myriad of options on the market, individuals and companies can easily obtain the cable marker right for them. From hand-held tools for on-site or home projects to high-volume printers for large jobs, cable markers are the must-have equipment for modern voice and data endeavors.