When to Upgrade a Color Label Printer

As with most other technologies in the marketplace, it feels like there is always a new color label printer vying for your attention. Color label printing technology is evolving quickly, and the label printers are getting better, faster, and more versatile with each innovation.

It’s tempting to trade up because who doesn’t want the latest and greatest? However, your sense of fiscal responsibility is probably telling you to hold off until your previous color label printer eventually dies. That said, upgrading could be financially advantageous under some conditions. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about when to upgrade a color label printer.

Determine how many labels you print each month. You might think you’re only printing a few dozen labels each month when in reality you might be printing many more. One way to figure this out is to review a few months of receipts for your label stock. Are you burning through six 500-count label rolls monthly? That’s 3,000 labels. At this volume, the expense of ink for color inkjet-based label printers could become a deciding factor.

Calculate your ink costs. You might be shocked to discover that you are paying hundreds of dollars each month in ink cartridges. At higher print volumes, ink costs can turn an inexpensive color label printer into a pricey one.

It may be cheaper to rent an Epson TM-C7500, a Memjet label printer, or a color laser label printer out of iSys Label, all of which have considerably lower consumable costs.

Consider the cost of time. Improved ink efficiency isn’t the only reason to upgrade to one of the new color label printers; print speed and capacity are also benefits. By way of instance, if it takes you all day to publish a roll of labels, this may affect your ability to get your products shipped in a timely fashion — and you may feel overwhelmed continuously by backorders. Imagine if you could print the same roll in only two minutes?

If your printing volume has increased substantially since you bought your original color label printer, or in case your color label printer cannot keep up with your manufacturing requirements, upgrading your color label printer could cut your monthly ink costs and improve your capabilities.

If you’re using a Primera LX500 or LX900, LX2000 you may want to look at how many labels you’re printing per month. With these label printers, when you begin producing more than 3,000 labels per month, upgrading starts to make financial sense because the savings from the ink and the much faster print speed will save your organization plenty of money.