The Best Way To Label 35mm Slides

Your Slides/Your Career

Artist and art students are always faced with the daunting task of having to present their work to galleries, museums and universities using 35mm slides. Each of these institutions requests completely different information to be placed on those slides. So, even though artists are submitting the same images they are always having to re-label their slides.

This creates a lot of frustration and I have known some artists who just stopped showing their work because the thought of labeling slides was just not worth it. You can imagine what happened to their art careers.

Do Your Labels have These Problems?

Take a look at your slides… are the labels hand written? Are you using those little labels that don’t line up on the top and bottom bars of the slide mount? Are the labels slipping and moving around until they eventually come off the slide mount during a presentation, jamming the projector. Can you see the manufacturers printing on the slide?

First Impressions Count

One thing you don’t want is to detract from the work that is being presented. You want to give that person or committee the message that they are working with a professional no matter what level or degree of success you have obtained in your career. A first impression of an outstanding display of slides in the slide sheet will instill a positive response from the viewer. That person holding a sheet of slides is going to see the slide mounts before they look at the art work contained on the slides.

A Solution at Last!

So, how do we find the solution to all of these problems?… I found one by going to, Home of TransFix 35mm Slide Labels. TransFix is a label that covers the entire slide mount, can be used with any printer or copier and will not come off the mount while in the slide projector.

In addition to all of these benefits you get a template for free (with a video tutorial as well) when you order and you can use any word processing or graphics program you already have to lay out your information on the slides. No software to buy or download. And best of all they make for a “knock-out” presentation just sitting in the slide sheet.

“…they’re the best I’ve ever used!” – Craig R. This is a proven product that has been around for over 10 years and has set a new standard for 35mm slide labeling. It was invented by an artist for artists but has been beneficial to many other industries. These labels have become indispensable to teachers, legal departments, police forensics, the medical world, and of course, the photographic industries.

Stock photo houses, conservancies, archivists or anyone who uses 35mm slides will thank their lucky stars to have discovered this great product. Why not you?