Staying Slim AND Satisfied While on a Gluten-Free Diet

You’ve heard the stories. Yes, she got rid of her intestinal problems or his sinuses improved. His joints stopped aching or her son’s ADD got better. There are so many stories about how gluten-free diets have helped people with health challenges that doctors could not diagnose. People even lose weight on a gluten-free diet sometimes, at least initially. They are getting rid of the allergen that caused the weight gain to begin with!

But why do some people gain weight?

Starch. Plain and simple. The pre-packaged gluten-free foods or flours have starch as the main ingredient. Potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch, and rice flour (highest glycemic grain you can eat). What can you do? Firs to all, eat them for treats, sparingly. Read every label carefully, then decide if it’s really worth it to indulge!

Second, make your own food as much as possible. It’s really not that hard and you can simplify it by just thinking “veggies for noodles”. Use lots of nuts and seeds to get the good, healthy fats that your body craves. Most of us just crave the pasta for the sauce and the bread for the butter most of the time! So add that butter to roasted veggies, or julienne them for “un-pasta”. Check out the great organic selection for these right here at our own Victoria’s Market. Organic means more health, and a bonus, more flavor!

What about dessert? Think “Fruit for sugar”. Also, you can add stevia or other natural, non-sugar sweeteners to make it taste more like sugar was used (the Market has these as well). These are my best secrets as well as adding a small amount of truly tasty, healthy salt, such as Himalayan Sea Salt. My father actually taught me, by putting salt on his grapefruit (can you believe it?) that salt actually makes some things taste sweeter!

I’ll leave you with a simple recipe for ice cream that nearly anyone can eat. Ingredients available at health store or on-line.

Mango or Dark Cherry Non-Dairy, No-Sugar-Added “Ice Cream”

Place in blender, one package frozen, unsweetened organic mango or dark sweet cherries (they are both very sweet fruits and will need no sugar or other sweetener – (taste test and add Stevia if you wish), one can unsweetened, full-fat coconut milk, 1/8 teaspoon Himalayan or Celtic sea salt and blend and freeze in ice cream maker or simply freeze in refrigerator freezer, then take out and stir every hour three times, if it lasts that long! Optional: For cherry recipe, you may want to add ¼ teaspoon almond extract, as it really rounds out the flavor.