Sorrento Japanese Soaking Tub – What a Japanese Soaking Tub Should Be

The sorrento Japanese soaking tub is specifically designed for full body submersion. It’s the best way for two people to enjoy the benefits of a totally relaxing bath time. Sorrento tubs are manufactured by Victoria and Albert, a world-renowned maker of exquisite baths. Read on to know more about Sorrento Japanese soaking tub.

The sorrento Japanese soaking tub (Product Code: SOR-N-SW) is a freestanding sit bathtub that measures: 55 1/8″ length, 37 3/8″ width, 40″ height, and 34 1/4″ diameter. It weighs 207 pounds and can hold 113 gallons of water. This comes with optional solid oak steps, which make it easier to get in and out of the soaking tub.

Victoria and Albert is the company that is responsible for the Sorrento soaking bathtubs. This global manufacturer of sophisticated bathtubs has a product line that fits any classic- to modern-inspired bathrooms. They have different models of clawfoot tubs, freestanding tubs, and ofuro style tubs that will surely capture your attention.

A Sorrento freestanding soaking tub is a practical solution for a bathroom with limited floor area. Sorrento’s reduced length and taller built is a perfect compromise to free up some valuable space, which you can give out to your other bathroom fixtures. Compared to modern U.S. bathtubs, this is definitely more space-efficient.

This is made using 100% ENGLISHCAST, which is a mix of high-quality resins and volcanic limestone materials. And what’s the beautiful result? With all these ingredients combined, Sorrento Japanese tub is made stronger and more efficient than the average acrylic tubs. It is backed-up by a 25-year limited consumer warranty.

Although it’s naturally white, its exterior surface can be painted or stenciled to create a more personalized look. Before painting, you should clean the surface using a chemical cleaning solution. Don’t forget to check and read labels in order to protect yourself and ensure the correct use of the products.

Its glossy, non-porous top coating makes cleaning practically trouble-free. Take note, however, that harsh chemical cleansers, like ammonia, should be avoided to protect the integrity of its surface glazing. Instead, use mild dishwashing liquids or detergents. After cleaning, it is important to immediately wipe it dry to prevent water spots formation.

This has no faucet holes. So, you should readily expect that you will need the proper plumbing system and wall-mounted or freestanding faucet for this. Another thing that you should consider is the strength of your flooring. Its weight can get pretty heavy, weighing around 1200 pounds, when filled with water.

Sorrento tubs could cost around $2,590.50 to $4,250 plus. You can buy this either online (e.g. Nextag) or locally. It is widely advised that you visit your local retailer’s bath tub showroom to make sure that you get a Sorrento Japanese soaking tub that perfectly fits your needs and taste