Rackmounts – The Server Rack Space-Saving Solutions

One of the most cost effective ways to save space in a small data center is by use of a Rackmount LCD monitor. It saves space by combining the LCD display monitor with a keyboard which can include a touchpad or trackball.

There are several different options and features that can be included to adjust to a variety of space issues and server racks.

There are short depth rackmount LCD monitors designed for the SUN Solaris system such as the daylight readable or high brightness viewable LCD monitors. These monitors provide over 1400 cd/m2 brightness which can provide excellent visual solutions for data centers in a variety of lighting environments.

Other options include e-capacitive or e-resistive touch screens, a DC input power supply, a Composite S-Video, BNC, DVI-D, and of course the optional speakers.

These compact fully functional monitors will help to utilize the small space remaining in the server room more efficiently and the variety of these types of monitors offers an adaptability for a variety of server room space issues.

It is important to measure the remaining space in your server rack before making your selection. The width and the depth are of course a good place to start. The construction of the keyboard should be sturdy enough to last for many years to come. While the installation and placement of these units will add stability, it is important that the keyboards can handle the specific needs of the data center and whatever repetitive use it may have. Other considerations will be soft touch keys and a built-in trackball when a mouse is not an option due to small confined spaces.