Purchasing a Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

The Color label printer, a state-of-the-art device, is another case of high-quality label printers from the LX-Series Color Label Printers. Its simplistic performance makes sure printing colored labels is a quick and effortless task. Clients can print a wide variety of applications and facilitate their printing operations with the new single cartridge solution to the pigment and dye ink. When considering the Primera LX910 Color Label Printer, keep in mind it may print detailed colored labels with images, illustrations, photos, text, as well as two-dimensional barcodes.

The LX910 label printer prints with a thermal inkjet and uses pigment and dye ink. The print resolution is up to 1200 x 4800 dpi and while it can print in three distinct modes. In draft mode, a label may be published in 4.5″ each second, in regular mode, a label can be printed in 1.8″ each second, and in high-quality mode, a label can be printed in 0.8″ each second. When it comes to the ink cartridges, there is a new print head with every cartridge change along with a single high capacity ink cartridge, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, with a process black. ICC color profiles can be used with all Primera-supplied media, and you can add custom ICC colors for different types of media.

The printing width is often as thin as 0.5″ and as wide as 8.25″. The types of media for this printer are roll-fed pressure-sensitive labels, fan-fold labels or tags, and roll-fed tags. The media width can be as thin as 1.5″ and as wide as 8.375″. With the movable see-through sensor for die-cut labels and a reflective sensor for labels and tags with black stripe, it can use pre-printed and continuous labels and tags. The supply roll has a maximum 6″ diameter on 3″ core. LabelBasic blank roll labels work perfectly with the LX910 and purchases over $99 qualify for free shipping.

The width of this label can be a minimum of 0.5″ and a maximum of 8.25″ and the label height or length can be a minimum of 0.5″ and a maximum of 24″. The liner or media width can be a minimum of 1.5″ and a maximum of 8.375″. The gap between labels can be as thin as 0.1″ and as wide as 10″. The width of the thru-hole opening is a minimum of 0.25″ and a maximum of 0.5″. The gap sensor adjustment range is 0.2″ to 1.9″. The reflective black mark width can be as little as 0.1″ and properly represent the start of the label. The internal core diameter or ID is 3″, and the Max Outer Diameter or OD is 6″. The recommended maximum of the total depth of the lining and label is 0.010″

Where to Purchase Primera LX910

You can purchase the Primera LX910 at LabelBasic.com. With your purchase, you get a $199 credit that can be used on blank label rolls for the LX910.

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