Print and Apply Labeler – 10 Tips For Choosing a Labeling Machine

Simplicity and reliability are key features every company with packaging needs should look for in any labeling machine they consider for their business. Print and Apply Labelers apply labels efficiently, can be configured to work in most packaging environments, and greatly streamline the package labeling process.

Most Print & Apply labeling machines are able to work in a wide variety of packaging environments because of their modular, compact design. Below are 10 tips for selecting a Print & Apply labeling machine.

1. Make sure the print and apply labeler you choose for your company is designed for high-volume applications. Looks can be deceiving and in the packaging world, size isn’t always everything.

2. In today’s marketplace, most manufacturers require 100% reliability and 24-hour operation. Make sure your print and apply labeler can meet your demands.

3. Machine operations should be intuitive. Even though a qualified professional will be managing your machinery, simple and reliable interfaces for machine operators make it easy for any employee to manage the print and apply process for your packaging.

4. In addition to your machine being intuitive, it should also include easy to change labels and ribbons.

5. Can your machine be customized? Not every packaging process is the same. Do you need a custom integrated mount for your print and apply labeling machine?

6. The printer should also be flexible and serve multiple purposes. Is it capable of printing small and large labels?

7. Product image in the marketplace is also more important than ever today. Will the print and apply label machine you select not only encode the label it applies, but also verify its placement on your product for accuracy?

8. If your print and apply labeler does in fact case of a tag failure, the system marks the label as “bad” and supplies a “bad tag” output that can be integrated into a material handling system to insure that no non-conforming product makes it to your customer.

9. Unless you don’t expect you will ever need the option, make sure your labeler is configured to work as a standalone unit.

10. As a way to guarantee labeling efficiency and production streamlines, consider having a real-time clock included on your print and apply labeler.