New Digital Postal And Shipping Scales From Dymo

New electrical digital scales.

A digital postal scale is a great little handy gadget to have around in a home office or indeed on the desk in any office environment. The thought of standing in line at the post office for hours on end, just to find the weight of your parcel or package to work out your postage costs doesn’t appeal. In the short article about postal and shipping skills we will inform you of some of the key functions and features of some of the new Dymo scales.

Digital postal scales

If you’re looking to purchase a digital postal scale you will need it to be accurate as you want it to be able to weigh letters and parcels correctly and to the nearest 0.1 of an ounce. If you are looking to purchase a postal scale to be used on a daily basis to weigh items that will be sent through the post, you must check that its NTEP approved. NTEP approved scales are scales which are intended by the manufacture such as Dymo to be used where products can be sold either in individual weights or sizes.

If you are only intending to weigh letters or small packages then the new Dymo M1 postal scale is perfect. It can weigh items up to 1kg and is more than adequate to meet your needs, unless you’re looking to ship items up 180kg or even greater than you will not need a postal shipping scale.

Shipping scales

Shipping scales such as the Dymo S180 can weigh items up 180kg are more heavy duty and I’ll probably normally found in areas such as warehouses or small freight businesses. The size of your postal scale is also something to take into consideration. You Don’t want a massive great scale on your desk so a small portable one is perfect from weighing small items quickly and more importantly it won’t take up to much room.

The new shipping scales available form Dymo are roughly 40x40cm squared and come with a built in handle to make it easier to move the shipping scales around. They also come with a USB post to allow you to plug the shipping scales directly into your PC or MAC and view weights via your computer.

Dymo are a leading provider of office equipment such as their famous Dymo label printer. You can rest assure that the new postal and shipping scales available form Dymo are sure to be just as popular.