Letterheads: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bespoke Designs Compared With Templates

Two of the most common ways of choosing a letterhead design for your company are designing it from scratch (with the input and assistance of professional printing companies) or using a template.

Advantages of using a bespoke design

  • There is complete artistic freedom to create an image which is appropriate for your company and which the senior employees believe projects the correct image.
  • Existing company trademarks and colours can be incorporated into the letterhead design, enabling the company to work on developing its existing brand.
  • Whilst more expensive than using an existing template, the results and impression are obviously noticeably better. For the benefits, the price increase is often considered to be good value for money.
  • Bespoke designs ensure individuality, whereas similar template designs might be used by other businesses.

Advantages of using a template

  • Template designs offer a quick and solution for letterheads. The substantive aesthetic design can be viewed beforehand in order to see whether the style is desirable. Once chosen, it is really only a matter of filling in a few details to complete the design process.
  • The cost will be cheaper than bespoke projects, where additional costs will be incurred in creating and uploading the design into the printer’s system.
  • Templates have been designed specially to provide a professional – albeit rather generic – image for your letterheads.


If your business can afford to do so, it is probably sensible to try to create bespoke letterheads, particularly if the organization already has a particular image brand.