Ideas for Snow Days

There are many fun things that you can do when it is snowing outside and there is a lot of snow on the ground. Many of us as adults see snow as something that is a hassle and is not a lot of fun. We forget that as children we used to love going out and playing in the snow. Some of these things you will be able to do with your children when they are old enough.

The first and most obvious thing that you can do when it is snowing out is to go skiing and snowboarding. There are many places around the country that have slopes for you to go down on. Some of these resorts also have snow makers so that even when it is not snowing, they will be able to make snow. Not to mention it is fun to sit around a fire after a long day of skiing and relax.

You can build a snowman or snowwoman. You have to make sure the snow that you use is good packing snow or else you really won’t be able to make the balls of snow needed for a snowman. There are many ways for you to make one so you will be only limited by your mind. When you are done with your snowman you should get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Once it is full of water you will want to go out and spray all over the bottle. This is to ice over the snowman and make it so that it will last a little longer than might be possible otherwise.

Just like building a snowman you might be able to build a fort to play in. If you are extra rambunctious you could as build an igloo. These will obviously take a little more time to get together but in the end it will be worth it. It will be a place for you and your friend to go to. The benefit is also that it will be a tad warmer in the fort than outside it since it will be able to block all the wind. Make sure to ice it down like you did with your snowman to make it last a little longer.

Don’t forget about sledding. Sledding can be quite a bit of fun. You will have to scout out slopes around your house for the most fun places to sled. Usually there are a few places that everyone around you knows about for sledding, so if you need an idea make sure to ask them. When you sled you will have a few options in the types of sleds that you can use. There is the saucer sled, the toboggan, and the normal straight plastic type. Each has their own unique characteristics that you should find to be quite fun.