How to Design a Product Label

A product label describes a commodity and helps it to stand out from competitors. There are no hard and fast rules about product label designs. However, adhering to few guidelines will help you create a well-designed sticker.

Select the right software

The first step towards creating an appealing sticker is to choose the right software. There are many product label design software like Adobe InDesign, Corel draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. available. Choose the software that you feel comfortable using. Each application is different in its own way. However, go for the one where you can save your work as an EPS or PDF file.


Colors are an important aspect as they attract the buyer’s attention. There are many factors, which you must consider before choosing a particular color. You should check out the color of the container before finalizing the color of your sticker. Make sure that your chosen color doesn’t destroy the overall package of your merchandise. Normally, red attracts buyers, but it is not always the best choice. Several online tools will aid you in your choice of colors.


An eye-catching graphic also attract buyers. There are many online portals where you can get inexpensive graphics for your commodity. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and a compelling graphic on the label makes differentiates your merchandise from the rest.


The choice of the fonts requires careful planning. Don’t go for typical system fonts, but choose something that describes your commodity’s overall personality. If your product is for babies, go for a font that gives a soothing feeling. Try out something innovative. Make sure that the text is easily readable. There are many unique fonts available on the Internet. You can also buy fonts, if required.

Material and finish

Before designing a product label template, choose its material. White or cream textured papers are the common choice. While white material gives you more flexibility with design, a textured cream paper gives an old world look. Going for a glossy or a matte finish enhances the overall appeal of your commodity. Laminating the sticker adds to its longevity.


An unusual shape of the sticker separates your merchandise from others on a shelf. Your sticker’s shape can be either rectangle, square, oval, circle, etc. At the same time, you can order a custom shape from your printer.

Bar codes and contact information

Electronic scanners get information about your commodity through bar codes. Apart from creating a label that defines your product, it’s extremely important to add contact information of your company in the sticker. It encourages communication with customers. You should mention the physical, web, and social media addresses on the sticker to receive their opinion.