Honeywell 50250N Round Air Purifier

The Honeywell 50250N was the second model of the distinct round-shaped 50250 series air purifiers brought on the market. At present the latest model is the 50250S and the main difference between the three is that the HEPA filter is now being advertised as a permanent filter that doesn’t need replacement. If you are reading this I assume you know what HEPA and CADR stand for, if not do a search on Wikipedia.

Most consumers who value the purity of the air they breathe are rightly skeptical of the term “lifetime” or “permanent” filter. Although the manufacturer claims that the lifetime HEPA filter can be cleaned by just vacuuming, in the long run these filters will need replacement as they are bound to lose their filtering efficiency depending on usage of course.

Still, remember that the majority of HEPA filters found in other air purifier models or brands require replacing on a quarterly or yearly basis and imagine the money you can save by using a permanent filter, even if you prefer to buy a replacement filter at regular intervals.

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the kind of filter being used or which exact model is being shipped, particularly when buying online. Apparently, the only way to make sure what kind of Honeywell 50250N model you have bought is to check the color of the packaging or look for a “permanent HEPA filter” label. The older models seem to come in red packaging, while the newer models come in a light colored box just like the colors of the filters are different.

As mentioned before, what makes the Honeywell 50250N stand out from most other air filters is its circular design providing a 360 degrees air cleaning radius. The downside being that this is not a unit to place in a corner of the room, should you wish to preserve space.

The whole point of such a round design is to place the air purifier where its air intake will have the greatest effect and that definitely wouldn’t be by placing it in some corner.

When hunting for an air purifier to suit your needs and budget, the cost of the air filters as well as the CADR ratio should be one of your main concerns. A HEPA filter is all very fine as long as the Clean Air Delivery Rate, the amount of air that can be filtered is sufficient. You can buy vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters, just to bring home the point to not just fixate on the HEPA label but check the CADR ratio.

This is exactly what makes the Honeywell 50250N one of the recommended, although definitely not the best, air purifier out there. It all depends on your needs and your budget, so do your research before purchasing an air purifier.