Gorgeous DIY Baby Shower Decorations For The Non Crafty Person

A baby shower consists of much more than a group of ladies getting together to talk. A baby shower needs to have appetizers, games, drinks, decorations, and gifts. On top of everything else the shower needs to happen on a budget.

In order to pull off this amazing feat you will need to brush up on your DIY skills. Luckily for you don’t have to be little miss crafty in order to create some very cute decorations.

Here are 4 cute decoration ideas that anyone can do.

Bunting Banners/ Pennant Banner – A bunting banner is very easy and cute way to add color to your party. A quick search on the web for free printable baby shower banners will give you a dozen different banners to choose from. Once you find the banner you would like to use you will print it off on your home printer. Once you have the banners printed and cut out you can attach the banners to the string of your choice in 2 different ways. First, you will punch a hole on each side of the banner and push the string through the holes so that you can see the string in front of each banner. Secondly, you can fold the top of the banner over the string and glue or tape it down.

Water Bottle Wraps – Water bottle wraps take ordinary water bottles and make them fun. Once again a quick search for free water bottle wraps will yield a host of printable designs you can print right at home. Once you have the design you like best you print it out and attach it to your water bottles. It is recommended to remove the old label before attaching the new one. The best way to attach the new label will be by using glue dots or double-sided tape.

Appetizer and Treat Signs – I know I keep saying to do a search on the internet but… do a search on the internet and find the cute signs you would like to use. Then you can go to a second hand store and find as many picture frames as you would need for your table signs.

Note: Don’t worry about the color of the picture frames because a $3 can of spray paint will fix that without a problem.

Favors – It is always nice to have a small party favor for those that attended the baby shower. At your local party store you should be able to find cute little candy boxes or small cellophane bags that with a little ribbon and a cute tag can make a great party favor.

So with a little help from the internet as well as your local party store you should be able to make some beautiful baby shower decorations. The greatest part about it is that you can do all of it without having to be crafty or breaking the bank.