Furniture Solutions for Storage Problems

We are all good at collecting things throughout life. For some of us it may be pictures, trinkets, CD’s, DVD’s, wine, clothes or shoes. Why not solve modern storage problems in a traditional way? Why not commission your local furniture maker to make something to suit your needs?

As a furniture maker customers have been asking me to solve these storage problems for years. However, recently I have had to look at my own DVD and CD collection, which had expanded quietly over several years. It was starting to look untidy in a bookcase, and it was time to pack them away.

CD’s are now out of date, with music storage devices becoming huge in capacity, yet small in size. DVD’s may well go the same way in the future, and a several hundred films could well be put onto a tiny digital device and carried around in your pocket. Alternatively, films may be hired online via your television, and there will be no need for a collection at all. Until then, some of us have a collection.

Why not put your collection into a series of stacked drawers in a traditional style sideboard. The same system could be applied to a modern or contemporary piece just as well, but the décor of my traditional farmhouse suited an antique style unit. In years to come when the collection is finished with, as technology has advanced, the drawers can easily be removed. A shelf can be fitted, and we have a very serviceable cupboard that will last for generations.

Apply the same principle to storing bottles of wine in the dining room. Lay the bottles horizontally in drawers, separating them slightly, with low divisions, so that they do not move. This keeps the corks wet, and the labels showing, impressing any guest when asked to choose the wine.

Open bookcases can be made with adjustable shelves and used for shoe racks, and if needed doors can be fitted to hide the shoes. Another great place for space saving storage, including shoes, is in drawers placed under the bed. A unit can be tailor made to fit your needs, with smooth drawer runners that will match the decor of your bedroom and open from the centre of the bed.

Collections of small articles can be displayed under glass, incorporated into coffee tables, or in deep glazed picture frames hung on the wall.

It may well be worth taking some of these ideas to your local furniture maker, and ask them to come up with some ideas to suit your style of home.