Child Abuse – Ways to Stop This

Child Abuse is so rampant in our societies these days! It really shouldn’t hurt to be a child! Treat your children well.

In Nigeria for instance, we have what you can call House Helps (some are as young as 6-years-old).

For a discerning adult that has such a small aged child as a house help: do all you can to be humane in your dealing with the child. Please don’t over-labor the child beyond what they can do. Treat that child like your own – feed and dress them properly, take them to outings and your religious functions.

Even though they seem disadvantaged at that age, make them to realize they can be all that their maker has destined them to be. You really can be that channel of hope for the house help. They will never forget you in future!

Mother Theresa used to say that if we can’t affect the whole world, we can touch one person at a time. This can help cause a revolution in the world today (as simple as it looks).

In our own little corners in the world we can stop this wrong act by doing the following –

1) Report to Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)any cases you witness at any time

2) Report to Social Security/Community Police in your country

3) Be the change you want to see. Treat that child right

In Nigeria there are several types of begging imbibed in the societal cultures, like the case of the Alamajeris, which are very popular in the Northern parts of Nigeria. These children from age 3 and above don’t go to school. All their parents do is to push them to the streets to fend for themselves. They send them off begging with plastic bowls for food, money, clothing etc.

One of my friends recounted his experience with them on a visit to the northern part of Nigeria having come from the eastern part of the country.

He entered a restaurant and ordered a meal. When they brought the meal, the waitress didn’t accompany it with water. As he was famished, he quickly walked to the counter to request water.

At the speed of lightning, the Alamajeris, about 10 of them, surrounded his meal and devoured it. A bit of a culture shock I must say. These Alamajeris end up becoming violent adults because of the poor upbringing.

On our streets in the major cities, another profile for child abuse are the disabled people in society. They send out their young children on the streets to beg on their behalf. This is so unbecoming. We must put an end to this madness.

Mad people are also left on the streets and most of them are impregnated by members of the society. When they give birth to their children they are also left out in the open with no care in sight.

We must find creative ways to reduce this inhumanity to the young children of our generation.