Casio PX130 Review

Are you looking for an unbiased Casio PX130 review to help you make the final decision? Do you want to know what are the major advantages and drawbacks of PX130?

What Is My First Impression?

For this Casio PX130 review you will be completely shocked by what I have to tell you. At first, I was skeptical of Casio, as some of my friends have had issues with their keyboards before. The sound was not right or the keyboard itself was not versatile enough for what they had hoped to use it for. Some of them liked to take their keyboards with them to school for practice, or even to church to play but found that it was too heavy, bulky, or just did not look right. My preconceived notions of Casio were under par, so to speak.

Classic, Uncluttered Look

I took a chance, seeing all of the wonderful features this PX130 had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked to find myself falling in love with it. The look of this Casio, overall, was classic. There are no jumbles of buttons on the keyboard for various types of sound. It is clean cut and easy to use and understand right from the start. Along with the look for the piano, often time’s keyboards come with cheap feeling keys; the keys on this Casio PX-130 feel traditional and will exceed any expectations by far.

Sound Quality

While there is not a myriad of button choices for sound on the PX130, there are several more options available. These sounds are all quite nice, to my ear at least, but not everyone will be able to make use of these. The piano sound alone is enough to make the Casio PX-130 more than worth every penny. Another capability of the sounds is the ability of the built in songs to be readily available and being able to transfer files from your computer. The PX-130 has a much cleaner and rich sound than most portable keyboards I have personally tested, and the speakers on it are generally quite good and beyond sufficient for common usage.

This keyboard was not made to disappoint. There are very few things to disagree with, and I believe this Casio PX130 review speaks for itself.

Where To Find A Great Casio PX130 Sale?

Pretty much you could find several online stores that sell Casio PX130. Some of them have good bargain prices with FREE shipping. You need to know how to find these stores among a large number of websites that sell musical instruments. Your best bet is to get somebody who knows digital pianos and see what they found that will help you find the right one.