Buskro Equipment Repairs and Service Maintenance

A Buskro inkjet address printer can print at speeds of up to 40,000 pieces per hour. Each piece of mail can travel at approximately 2 feet per second… or 1.4 miles per hour. Some of the shafts on Buskro machines turn at 1000 RPM. The machine runs, or is capable of running 24/7, with occasional stops for adjustments, job changes, and shift changes. Maintenance is important. Very important.

But what can the end user do? What kind of routine maintenance can be carried out without having a trained technician on hand? Although you must have an authorized and experienced technician to perform actual Buskro repair, the end user’s daily routine and eye for details can often be an effective deterrent for major malfunctions and prolonged down time.

At the beginning of each day (or between a specific shift, when it’s most convenient) the machine should be checked for any shredded paper that might get sucked into the rollers and shafts. From one side of the belts to the other, all scrap paper, misprinted mail pieces, pens and pencils, tools, loose labels and tabs, and personal belongings should be removed. This alone eliminates a common cause of problems with the equipment.

An operator, one with the most experience, should also take a few seconds each day to listen to the machine. Does it sound any louder? Are there unusual ticking, or grinding noises? Even if the machine runs well, a change in sound often predicts a future malfunction. If you cannot locate and resolve the noise, better to call a tech now, instead of paying for more costly down time once the machine breaks.

Once a week, someone should do a little more involved maintenance and service on your Buskro machines. Involved, but not overly complicated.

The transport belts should be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Be careful not to let water drip down on to other parts. Remove all the tape and label gum from the belt surface. If there are any stubborn residues on the belts, some roller cleaner will work. Asking the Buskro service dealer what type of cleaner to use is best.

Go over the entire machine with an air compressor and blow out all the dust. That includes under the table, where paper dust can gather without anyone noticing. Also clean any necessary vacuum filters.

It doesn’t matter how robust a machine is, everything eventually wears and breaks. The Buskro machines are no different. But these simple measures can pay back big if they’re performed religiously over a long period of time. They can prevent problems, as well as identify problems before they become equipment failures, costing you down-time and cash!