Brother HL-1650N Toner Based Laser Printer Offers 2400 X 600 Monochrome Print Resolutions


The Brother HL-1650N Laser Printer offers users the chance to network computers together to access a single printer effectively and easily. When combined with a series of new and improved features, the result is a top-of-the-line office machine. With fast print outputs and a high resolution, this monochrome printer allows you to create a number of document types with a polished, professional finish. From start to finish, the HL-1650N is designed to make using a printer efficient and cost-effective.

Features and Functionality

The HL-1650N printer has an output of 16 pages per minute, which is one page per minute more than the previous model. This model has an increased dpi of 2400 x 600, which is ideal for high-quality graphics and imaging. Regardless of whether you will use your printer primarily for text or for high-quality gray scale graphics, you’ll get the same crisp, clear results every time.

The standard paper tray of the HL-1650N holds up to 350 pages at a time, and users can create automatically duplexed documents or use nonstandard types of papers like envelopes, transparencies, and labels with this model. This versatility transforms the HL-1650N from a standard printer to a more well-rounded office machine.

Brother HL-1650N cartridges get more miles to the gallon, so to speak, than many other types of toner. The HL-1650 model can use the TN560 toner cartridge or the TN530 toner cartridge. With higher page yields than many comparable models, each HL-1650N toner cartridge offers pennies per page cost, which any size business can appreciate. Images and text are delivered smoothly and dry quickly with each print.

With the ability to network a series of computers to the HL-1650N printer via Ethernet, the 100MHz processor is much needed to get jobs processed quickly between each computer and the printer. Its ability to power down in Sleep Mode helps cut down on energy costs, and there is also a Brother HL-1650N Toner Reduction Mode that reduces the amount of ink used on prints that don’t necessarily need to be high-end, as is often the case for inter-office documents.

Why Choose the Brother HL-1650N Laser Printer?

The Brother HL-1650N Laser Printer took notes from some of the bulkier and more expensive printers on the market and fit the benefits of those into a smaller and more affordable package. This printer appeals to small businesses, home offices, and departments looking for high functionality that the entire office can share. All in all, the Brother HL-1650N printer is a great way for a business to present a professional appearance at a low purchase and maintenance price.