VIPColor VP600 Color Label Printer

VIPColor - VP600
VIPColor – VP600

With the years, technology has changed the printing world out of primitive procedures to present methods that are both quick and less monotonous. Unlike olden days, current printing machines deliver an advantage to printing. Most firms find it cheap to publish all their labels in white and black. However, in a competitive society like the one we are living in, a feeling is everything. You may have the best product, but your advertising is lousy. Consequently, if you are supposed to stand out, you then will need the ideal tools and team with you. One important tool which can do magic to your revenues is your VIP 600 High-performance printer.

Engineered for small businesses; the vp600 large operation comes with two options on print resolutions — 1600×800 dpi and 1600×1600 dpi. This means the higher the dots per inch, the more excellent the quality. Almost everyone at one stage has gotten frustrated by the slow character that most ordinary printers print papers; with the VP600 color label printer, this is not true. This printer includes a printing speed of 203 mm/s; this explains why it is excellent for smaller companies that have moderate to big baits.

Unlike other printers, the VP600 prints both matte and synthetic paper. VIPColor label printers also print glossy paper which is the current market trend. Moreover, this printer supports printing papers which have a width of between two and 8.5 inches and a depth of 0.3 millimeters. Designed to optimize output signal; this printer comes with a patented attribute — print and holds, thus changing the entire notion of printing. Similar to other printers that the VIPColor label printers include an individual ink tank for CYMKK, this may give a superb output on each printed newspaper, whether images or formal record. With an external 6 inch OD inch 3 inch un-winder; this device can outperform any other printer within its range on the marketplace.

The VP600 color label printer works with all Microsoft Windows applications like Adobe, CorelDRAW and Nice label. Last, maintaining this device is simple and affordable since you can replace the printhead in case of any damages. Additionally, it comes with an integrated cutter to support the device in supplying exceptional performance. One standout drawback is that after you reach the 5 M mark, your warranty becomes void even if a year hasn’t lapsed; therefore in the event of any repair, you’ll need to cater for it from your pocket.

VIPColor VP700 Color Label Printer

VIPColor - VP700
VIPColor – VP700

The VIPColor VP700 Color Label Printer is a new machine being called the perfect solution to meet your company and budget. The printer is a bestselling, revolutionary printing machine that’s fast, simple to use, on demand, and effective. The VP700 printer may be utilized in some different professional areas such as; chemical, DIY, restaurants, pubs, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, and medical. Because the printer has been manufactured in compact dimensions, it can be used in a selection of different environments. The printer can be employed by a multi-million dollar business or even a tiny in-home business.

With the support of this printer; users are sure to impress their customers with the perfect images to draw business to their products. It’s a high-speed machine with skills to print 18 meters per minute. The high speed places this printer at the very top of its course. And also the labels are made using a non-toxic aqueous dye; which makes it secure for all labels to be put on food containers and beverage containers.

Together with the VP700 Color Label Printer; consumers are sure to see many improvements in their business. The machine is extremely cost efficient since labels can be made quickly and on-site; decreasing the conventional ordering, waiting, and delivery period. Overall, radically cutting down the time to market and lessening the company stock wastage. The printer also has might different printing options for users. The machine can produce a full page of color in a single pass. Users can set the printer up to generate a print and hold option, roll-roll, roll-cut, as well as multiple printing sizes. Plus users can print just one label or up to tens of thousands.

They are providing users with fast, on need, cost-effective products for their regular use. Since users can print whatever they need, the machine is quite flexible for company owners. If folks aren’t sure about the printer and are interested in analyzing the product; they can request samples to judge the machine for themselves.


VIPColor - VP750
VIPColor – VP750