Why You Should Purchase Afinia Label Printers

Afinia Label manufactures several color label printers, with versions available for small business label printing in addition to high volume commercial label manufacturing. Each Afinia color label printer excels in its own right and can be a more cost-effective alternative, which makes it a great idea to purchase Afinia Label printers. Let’s have a look.

Why Small Businesses Buy Afinia Label Printers

Afinia’s L301 color label printer is an affordable unit that produces beautiful, high-resolution labels in full color. Having a maximum print width of 6 inches and a print resolution of 4800 dpi, the Afinia L301 can print photo quality labels for wine bottles, coffee and tea, gourmet meals, candies, packages, and other things. The entry-level cost of only $1595 (USD) is one reason businesses want to purchase the Afinia L301, closely followed by its label quality and low total cost of ownership. The L301 is most appropriate for those who have low volume label printing demands.

Businesses with average volume label printing requirements will often purchase Afinia Label printers like the L501 Duo ink or even the L701. These Afinia Label printers print labels up to 8.5 inches wide and have faster print speeds to support more significant volume manufacturing requirements. The L501 Duo is very attractive as a result of its capacity to utilise either pigment or dye inks. The L501 Duo is an HP thermal inkjet printer while the L701 is the lowest priced Memjet label printer accessible.

Why Afinia Label Printers are the Best Choice for High Volume Label Printing

If you are looking to buy Afinia Label printers for high volume printing, the Afinia L801 and Afinia L901 would be the ones to buy. Both use Memjet technologies to print high resolution, full-color labels at a printing speed of 12 inches per second. Blazing fast, these Afinia Label printers can also be incredibly economical to operate, offering industry-leading low total cost of ownership, low ink costs, and large ink tanks. Both print 1600 dpi labels and can be used to print roll-to-roll with an optional rewinder. The Afinia L901’s Versapass printhead technology permits for on-the-fly maintenance and inline integration with label finishing systems, applicators, dispensers, cutters, and much more. Waterproof inks are available for both the Afinia L801 as well as the Afinia L901.

Afinia Label is well known for manufacturing dependable, economical full-color label printers, and that is the reason why so many businesses continue to purchase Afinia Label printers. If you’re searching for a premium quality label printer that is economical to operate and own, you will find it in the Afinia Label family available at several color label printer companies.