Laser vs Afinia Inkjet Label Printing

Comparing Afinia Memjet Label Printers and Laser Label Printers

When comparing Afinia inkjet vs laser for printing labels, the focus will be on Memjet printers since the rate of Memjet technology is comparable to laser printing speeds.

Memjet technology has its speed in the page-wide Memjet printhead, which disburses countless drops of ink per minute as the labels pass through it. The Afinia L801 and L901, for instance, both print 1600dpi full-color labels at a speed of 60 feet per minute.

Traditionally, laser printers have had the advantage over inkjet label printers because of the high cost of ink and ink consumption of inkjets. Afinia color label printers combat this dilemma by including large ink tanks of their lowest ink prices in the industry. In reality, the Afinia L801 color label printer has one of the lowest overall cost of ownership and per label ink costs of any inkjet-based color label printers on the market.

Inkjet color label printers also have had the advantage over laser label printers as far as media flexibility goes. For instance, laser printers tend to run hot and thus cannot use particular kinds of label materials or some adhesives as a result of heat they generate. Using an Afinia Memjet color label printer means that you can print on a wide variety of label types such as paper labels, polypropylene labels, vinyl labels, synthetic film labels, and more.

The non-Memjet color label printers out of Afinia have their place when it comes to inkjet vs laser for printing labels. The Afinia L501, for example, is an inexpensive alternative to a full-color laser-based label printer. With a print resolution of 4800dpi, the label quality is exceptional and convenient for printing prime labels. Considering that the L501 works with both pigment and dye inks, it is a dual purpose label printer that can also print lasting industrial GHS labels.

Choose the Afinia L501 or even L301 when your volume demands are low, but you require professional quality. Choose the Afinia L801 or L901 if you are thinking about inkjet vs. laser for printing standard labels at high quantity and higher print speed and require versatility and low overall costs.

Afinia Inkjet vs Laser for Printing Labels

Two standard options for printing labels at high speed are laser and Memjet color label printers. If it comes to Afinia inkjet vs. laser for printing labels, you would be shocked at just how quickly and capable that the Afinia Memjet color label printers are.

For example, Afinia creates the following Memjet color label printers:

Afinia L701 Memjet Color Label Printer — providing the lowest initial cost, the L701 prints at about 8 inches per second. It’s perfect for mid-volume label printing.

Afinia L801 Memjet Color Label Printer — A high-volume label printer, the L801 prints at a rate of 12 inches per second.

Afinia L901 Memjet Color Label Printer — Like the L801, the L901 prints at 12 inches per second. It’s an in-line printer that supports larger 12-inch label rolls.

Additionally, Afinia creates the following inkjet color label printers:

Afinia L301 Inkjet Color Label Printer — Built for low-volume, short-run manufacturing, and the L301 is a high resolution (4800dpi) color label printer. The trade-off here as far as Afinia inkjet vs laser for printing labels goes would be the printing speed that is approximately 1.8 inches per second.

Afinia L501 Duo Inkjet Color Label Printer — The L501 Duo is Somewhat faster compared to L301 (about 5.2 inches per second). It’s created for mid-volumes and works with both dye and pigment ink cartridges.