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Why You Should Buy Afinia Label Printers

Afinia Label manufactures several color label printers, with versions available for small business label printing in addition to high volume commercial label manufacturing. Each Afinia color label printer excels in its own right and can be a more cost-effective alternative, which makes it a great idea to purchase Afinia Label printers. Let’s have a look.

Why Small Businesses Buy Afinia Label Printers

Afinia’s L301 color label printer is an affordable unit that produces beautiful, high-resolution labels in full color. Having a maximum print width of 6 inches and a print resolution of 4800 dpi, the Afinia L301 can print photo-quality labels for wine bottles, coffee and tea, gourmet meals, candies, packages, and other things. The entry-level cost of only $1595 (USD) is one reason businesses want to purchase the Afinia L301, closely followed by its label quality and low total cost of ownership. The L301 is most appropriate for those who have low volume label printing demands.

Businesses with average volume label printing requirements will often purchase Afinia Label printers like the L501 Duo ink or even the L701. These Afinia Label printers print labels up to 8.5 inches wide and have faster print speeds to support more significant volume manufacturing requirements. The L501 Duo is very attractive as a result of its capacity to utilize either pigment or dye inks. The L501 Duo is an HP thermal inkjet printer while the L701 is the lowest priced Memjet label printer accessible.

Why Afinia Label Printers are the Best Choice for High Volume Label Printing

If you are looking to buy Afinia Label printers for high volume printing, the Afinia L801 and Afinia L901 would be the ones to buy. Both use Memjet technologies to print high resolution, full-color labels at a printing speed of 12 inches per second. Blazing fast, these Afinia Label printers can also be incredibly economical to operate, offering industry-leading low total cost of ownership, low ink costs, and large ink tanks. Both print 1600 dpi labels and can be used to print roll-to-roll with an optional rewinder. The Afinia L901’s Versapass printhead technology permits for on-the-fly maintenance and inline integration with label finishing systems, applicators, dispensers, cutters, and much more. Waterproof inks are available for both the Afinia L801 as well as the Afinia L901.

Afinia Label is well known for manufacturing dependable, economical full-color label printers, and that is the reason why so many businesses continue to purchase Afinia Label printers. If you’re searching for a premium quality label printer that is economical to operate and own, you will find it in the Afinia Label family available at several color label printer companies.

Afinia L301

Afinia Label L301
Afinia Label L301

Afinia L301 Small Business Color Label Printer
Generate labels in vibrant colors and deep black ink using the Afinia L301 color label printer. The L301 inkjet label printer delivers consistent, high quality output of professional labels. This makes it the perfect small business equipment addition to meet your label printing requirements.

The tech behind the little L301 is state-of-the-art.

The Afinia L301 provides you professional results inside a compact design that fits neatly around the desktop. The small printer weighs just 33 pounds yet is quite powerful. It has HP thermal inkjet technology by Hewett Packard (HP). The inkjet label printer is also compatible with your applications as it functions on Windows 7 and higher platforms and utilizes a USB 2.0 connection.

Prints a number of labels for products and documents.

The Afinia L301 prints effortlessly on an assortment of media types. This includes paper, vinyl, polypropylene, and polyester label shares. Automatic calibration and detection enable the printer to create with adhesive labels with difference separations, constant label printing, and black markers reflective label detector printing for clear labels. You can get label rolls for your Afinia Printer at LabelBasic.

High-resolution printing for professional results every time.

The L301 features a dots per inch (dpi) color resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 at a way that’s optimized to bring out the particulars of every color for stunning resolution and attractiveness in print. Black ink printing boasts a rendered dpi of 1200 x 1200. Draft print speed to get a 2.2-inch wide label is 1.8 seconds–slightly under two seconds. The printer outputs L301 labels with widths from 2 inches to 6 inches and with heights from 1 inch to 48 inches.

The L301 uses Afinia L301 ink cartridges for convenience, ease of use, and professional label quick printing.

Afinia L301 ink cartridges are of exceptional quality. Use the Afinia L301 Black Pigment Ink Cartridge and Afinia L301 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge for printing stunning colors and true deep black ink text and graphic labels that reflect the greatest standards and get your products noticed.

Ideal for small businesses who need the best and are budget-conscious.

The L301 inkjet label printer is the best way to simplify short-run label printing. Save time by printing your professional labels in-house. Meet your demand and print based on your present or anticipated needs each moment. The L301 is excellent for seasonal merchandise market testing. It’s perfect for snack and beverage industries and several others–the L301 is the ideal fit for the industry. Use it to jump leads times on label creation and you’ll probably skip out vendor’s quantity minimums in the process.

The Afinia l301 color label printer also includes everything you want to get started including the one-year warranty.

  • L301 label printer
  • Conventional Unwinder
  • Ink cartridge – Tricolor
  • Ink cartridge – Black
  • Installation disk
  • Power supply and cable
  • Quick installation guide
  • USB cable

Afinia L501

Afinia Label L501
Afinia Label L501

The Afinia L501 Dye inkjet color label maker is a versatile desktop unit for producing professional-quality 2400dpi product labels. The Afinia L501 Dye label maker uses dye inks as well as the HP print engine. Thus, it’s a quick and capable selection for printing “prime” labels such as wine bottle labels, craft brewery labels, java labels, along with other product labels.

Another advantage offered by the Afinia L501 Dye ink label printer is its Duo Ink Technology. Although this version includes the dye print headset and four separate ink cartridges (CMYK), you can purchase a pigment printhead and pigment ink cartridges for this printer. This allows you to easily swap out the inks and convert the Afinia L501 out of a prime label printer into a GHS BS5609 label printer — and back again as needed. With other top label printers, you would want to put money into a standalone GHS printer to get this same capability.