My name is Kim Zhou and I’m living in South Carolina with my wife and three kids. During the day I work at home while being a full-time dad. During my free time, I write product reviews about products 


Working independently with just a computer screen to keep you company is vastly different from the hustle and bustle of an office.​

Anyone can look up the features and specs on a specific product. You might even have the ability to ascertain the quality of a product if you just happen to know a thing or two about the characteristics and metrics used to quantify it. Furthermore challenging, and more time consuming, is comparing dozens of different products to get the best one. More often than not, consumers opt to settle for a less-than-optimal but “good enough” choice.

How I make money

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The huge majority of products that we review can be seen on Amazon. You will notice that we include Amazon links to a number of the goods we discuss in our posts. Anytime you click one of these links and proceed to make a purchase, we get a small fraction of the purchase price in the form of a commission directly from Amazon.

This implies that while we would like you to finally purchase something from Amazon, we’ve got no bias towards which particular product that you choose.